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Реестр отечественного ПО При поддержке НТИ

Terms and Conditions

Approved by the order of the General Director of JSC “Antiplagiat”

No. 31 from September 1, 2022


This consent to the provision and processing of the User personal data (hereinafter referred to as the “Consent”) has been developed in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

By submitting your personal data on the Website of the Antiplagiat System at the address on the Internet https://users.antiplagiat.ru / (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) in order to use the Antiplagiat System through the Website, by filling in the registration form fields,

The User agrees to provide and process his personal data (hereinafter referred to as “PD”) to the PD processing operator and the owner of the website – Antiplagiat Joint Stock Company (JSC “Antiplagiat”: OGRN 1057747076078, TAX ID 7705664677, KPP 773101001, hereinafter referred to as “Operator”).

The User:

1. gives their consent to the Operator to use the software of the companies listed on the Website at the address: https://www.antiplagiat.ru/partners in the section “Personal data processing operators” when receiving and processing PD;

2. confirms that all the PD indicated by them when logging in on the Website are relevant, reliable and belong to them personally;

3. confirms and acknowledges that they have studied the text of the Consent carefully and thorougly, and have realized its meaning;

4. provides their consent to the Operator to process PD without reservations and restrictions;

5. gives their full consent that the processing of their PD by the Operator includes an action or a set of actions of the Operator performed with PD, using automation tools (computer devices and computer programs);

6. bears all risks associated with the provision of incorrect or incomplete PD;

7. confirms that by giving Consent, they act freely, in accordance with their personal own interests and is not in error.

The moment of acceptance of the Consent by the Operator is the moment when the User sends a request to create a personal account in the Antiplagiat System (hereinafter referred to as the “Account”). The request is formed immediately after the User marks the corresponding field in the registration form on the Site (putting a “tick”) and clicking on the button to send data with the inscription “Done” when registering via e-mail or “Create an account” when registering via social networks.

The operator accepts and processes PD in order to:

1. execute the User Consent;

2. ensure User interaction with the Antiplagiat System;

3. form and issue the results of using the Antiplagiat System to the User;

4. provide other information at the User’s request.


1. collects and processes the minimum required volume of PD, during the minimum periods of storage and processing of PD allowed by law;

2. guarantees that PD will be stored and processed only on the territory of the Russian Federation;

3. informs the User that PD is processed automatically by computer equipment and computer programs, without access to PD by the Operator’s specialists;

4. is not responsible for the accuracy of PD submitted by the User;

5. is not responsible for both PD and other personal information that may appear in the texts checked by the User to identify borrowings in the “Antiplagiat” System.

Categories and list of processed PD

The User gives their consent to the Operator to process the following PD:

1. last name, first name, patronymic, phone and email address;

2. information specified by the User in forms on the Website or contained in files uploaded by the User to the Website;

3. information that is automatically transmitted to the Website when the User works with the Antiplagiat System by the software of the User’s computer device (information about the User’s browser, IP address, cookies, information about hardware and software, access time to systems and services, as well as access-related data);

4. information about the User received from the Operator’s partner in accordance with the terms of agreements concluded between the Operator and their partner.

During the processing of PD, the Operator has the right to perform any actions with PD established by the current Russian legislation, to the extent necessary for the specific purposes of the User when interacting with the Antiplagiat System.

PD is not transferred to third parties, except for persons processing PD on behalf of the Operator and on their behalf, as well as cases established by the current Russian legislation.

The validity period of the Consent, the procedure for the destruction of PD

The Operator stores the PD until the User Account is deleted.

The User has the right to withdraw the Consent by sending a written request to the Operator. Revocation of the Consent does not affect the legality of PD processing before the Operator accepts the revocation of the Consent.

The deletion of User information can be performed by the User himself using the functionality of the Website.

The Operator has the right to delete the User’s PD in the following cases: 1) at the written request of the User accepted by the Operator; 2) when the User stops using the System after the expiration of the license period, or 3) if the User violates the terms of the license (user) agreement.

The User has the right to independently delete his personal (personal) information (PD) from his Account by using the “Delete account” function in the “Profile” section in the User personal account. After confirmation of deletion, the Website will automatically send a request to delete the User Account and all information related to the content of the Account.

Also, to delete personal data (PD) related to maintaining a User Account, you can write to the Operator’s technical support service: support@antiplagiat.ru .

The Operator is obliged to provide the User (representative) with information (PD) as a subject of personal data within ten working days from the date of receipt of the request from the User or from his authorized representative. The Operator has the right to extend the specified period for no more than five working days with notification of the User or his authorized representative and indication of the reasons for extending the period for providing the requested information.

The present Consent is valid indefinitely from the moment the PD is provided, and can be revoked by the User by submitting a written application to the Operator at the address: Russian Federation, 121205, Moscow, Bolshoi Boulevard of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, building 42, building 1, floor 0, room No. 111, workplace No. 11, addressed to the General Director of Antiplagiat JSC.

If the User withdraws the Consent, the Operator has the right to continue processing PD if there are grounds specified in paragraphs 2-11 of Part 1 of Article 6 and Part 2 of Article 10 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”.

The User’s consent to the processing of PD is specific, informed, conscious, substantive and unambiguous.

The User acknowledges the Consent as a document executed in simple written form.

The Operator has the right to make changes to the Consent at any time without notifying the User by posting the Consent on the Website.

The current version of the Consent is always available on the Internet Website at the following address: https://www.antiplagiat.ru/help/privacy.

The text of the Consent in Russian shall prevail in case of discrepancies with the text of the translation of the Consent into a foreign language.

If the User has any questions about PD, you can write to the Operator about it at the address: 121205, Moscow, Bolshoi Boulevard (Skolkovo Innovation Center), house 42, building 1, floor 0, room No. 111, workplace No. 11, or by e-mail dpo@antiplagiat.ru .

Director General: V.A. Funtov