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Antiplagiat for corporate customers



Improve quality of texts with the help of innovative technologies that detect text reuse


Our customers are more than 1,200 universities, research institutes, libraries, publishing houses, ministries and other organizations from Russia and the CIS countries. Our goal is to provide your organization with a fast reliable tool of text reuse detection. Our solution is the Antiplagiat system which smartly meets your requirements and flexibly integrates with your organization’s internal processes


Improving value of science and education

Antiplagiat mission is to improve the quality of academic and scholarly papers

Partners in Russia and the CIS

Over 25 companies cooperate with Antiplagiat

Quality standard

92% of universities in the "Priority 2030" Program use "Antiplagiat"

17 years of success

Company Antiplagiat is included in the Russian Software Register and is a resident of the Fund Vorob'evy gory

Our solutions

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Science Science
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What makes "Antiplagiat" an efficient system for text reuse detection in Russia

  • A fast and accurate algorithm for text reuse detection
  • Over 1 bln. indexed sources in 100+ languages the search database
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use system settings
  • A constantly updated database of existing sources: more than 10 million new documents every month
  • Free training for your organization's employees
  • 24/7 care service

Antiplagiat system capabilities

High-quality database for checking texts

High-quality database for checking texts

We check texts using public Internet sources, our partners' databases (the Russian State Library, eLibrary, Lan', BiblioRossika, Urait, iBooks, and others), as well as specialized collections and archives of scientific and legal publications. As of today, the Antiplagiat database contains more than 1,095 million sources in various languages, including languages of the CIS countries. Our technical experts are constantly improving text reuse detection algorithms. Antiplagiat's latest innovations include text reuse detection resulting from a translation of English texts into Russian and a search for paraphrased fragments.

Detailed report on text reuse

Detailed report on text reuse

The Antiplagiat system will help you to manage your organization's resources rationally and efficiently when checking text documents for text reuse. A detailed report includes all the information about text segments that require particular attention. The detailed report also contains correctly formatted in-text quotes: fragments from laws and regulations, quotes that include authorship, common expressions, and a list of references. A user-friendly interface helps you to enable or disable the Antiplagiat search functions, and compare your text with each of the matching sources. The Antiplagiat system automatically classifies the text according to the Higher Attestation Commission.

Extensive customization and integration options

Extensive customization and integration options

We take care of our customer’s needs. Based on our platform, we will develop an optimal solution for your organization to help you to successfully resolve pressing issues and achieve set goals. Antiplagiat is easy to use and allows your IT specialists to seamlessly integrate the tool into your daily workflow, also via API. In addition, you can choose to either install the tool or use its online version. To automate your workflow, you can efficiently manage user access within the Antiplagiat system, or via G Suite- and LDAP- based integration.

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