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Companies and government agencies


Antiplagiat strives for the development of scientific potential

We guarantee to our customers the confidence in the quality of the results of scientific and analytical work conducted by their employees, departments or contractors. With the help of the Antiplagiat.Expert system we can optimize processes of submitting and accepting project results and increase employees’ level of responsibilities in your organization



The Internet and external databases are used to detect text reuse

The Antiplagiat.Expert detects text reuse by checking the Internet and special document collections. There are more than 1,095 million sources: books, magazines, articles, etc.

API-based automation

Optimize your document workflow by setting up an automated system for text submission and documents check

Reports on text reuse

A brief and detailed report preserving the layout of the original document. The report is editable: you can change types of plagiarized fragments, ignore a source, etc.

Company collection

Save all of your checked and archived papers in your collection to expand search capabilities

Text analysis

The tool Antiplagiat.Expert assesses text coherence and detects the presence of citations, annotations, and bibliographies

User-friendly interface and tool management

Simple design without unnecessary features. All the key work functions are located at one screen

Various document types are supported

In formats such as: doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt, html, pptx, odt, rar, zip, 7z and others

Protection against cheating

The Antiplagiat.EDU can detect paragraph and sentence rearrangements, letter replacement, hidden characters, cross-language text reuse, and other attempts to cheat

Antiplagiat helps to work

Clients who order research and technological development reports and papers

Clients who order research and technological development reports and papers

Evaluate the paper quality and determine whether a report or research study has been a compilation of other papers. Protect your reputation

Research and development departments, and companies

Research and development departments, and companies

Check text originality before submission and presentation. This is especially important when a paper has been prepared by several authors or involved external experts

Administrators and IT staff

Administrators and IT staff

Manage user accounts. Expand your organization's internal collection to improve search capabilities

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