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russian software for detecting text reuse

For students / individuals

Upload and check your papers

Quality improvement

of education and research

Skolkovo resident

2014 - 2024

Over 1 bln. sources

in the search database

92% of "Priority 2030" universities

use "Antiplagiat"

What is Antiplagiat


Antiplagiat has a strong market presence in Russia and the CIS among the text reuse detection services, ensuring that authors’ rights are protected and valued. We have created and are now actively developing the first Russian plagiarism detection system for academic texts. “Antiplagiat” system helps our users identify plagiarism in term papers, graduation theses, dissertations, scientific articles and reports.


Why use Antiplagiat


In the past, text searches and assessment of written work quality by experts took a long time, while finding sources of borrowed passages could continue indefinitely. Antiplagiat, the innovative system that searches for text reuse, significantly simplifies this process. Thanks to Antiplagiat, you do not only have the opportunity to assess the quality of your text, but also understand which fragments need improvement.

How does Antiplagiat work



The user uploads a document into the system



The system uses unique search algorithms to compare the document text to databases of sources



The system analyses the matches and detects coincided fragments or quotes



The user receives a report on the presence of the reused text in your document

Antiplagiat today


Antiplagiat develops and adopts new technologies, designs new methodologies, and holds conferences on plagiarism detection in academic and research papers throughout Russia and the CIS. More than 126,000 people use Antiplagiat every day to check their texts on our website. Our aim is to continuously improve the quality of education and science in Russia and worldwide.

The Antiplagiat system is the best choice for those who strive for an honest future and real achievements!