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Реестр отечественного ПО При поддержке НТИ

United Collection

The “United Collection” module package allows you to check papers against a complete and up–to–date database of scientific, educational and other documents, ensuring high quality of verification.

“United Collection” includes the following modules:

  • Internet Plus – open sources of scientific and educational segment of the Internet. Additionally, it searches for borrowings on the Internet using the world search engines, which allows to significantly expand the search area and find more matches among those pages and documents that have been updated or created recently.
  • eLIBRARY.RU – full texts of scientific articles in Russian and foreign languages from the collections of the scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU.
  • Consolidated Collection of the Russian State Library – full texts of dissertations and abstracts from the collections of the Russian State Library.
  • NBB Dissertations – full texts of dissertations and dissertation abstracts from the collections of the National Library of Belarus.
  • NBU Collection – dissertation abstracts, candidate’s theses and doctoral dissertations of the National Library of Uzbekistan.
  • Ring of Universities – a consolidated collection of documents of universities – participants of the “Ring of Universities” project.
  • Consolidated Collection of EBS – consolidated collection of electronic library systems Lan, University Library Online, Aybux, BiblioRossika, Yurait, Book.ru, Student’s Consultant.
  • Mass Media of Russia and CIS – provides a search for borrowings from the largest closed Russian–language archive and database of 4000 mass media since 2000: newspapers, magazines, news agencies, TV channels, radio stations and Internet publications from all regions of Russia and neighbouring countries.
  • Medicine – scientific and educational literature on medicine and pharmaceutics: published by GEOTAR–Media Publishing Group, CNMB of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.
  • GARANT: regulatory and legal documentation – regulatory and legal documents of the Garant System EPS: acts of federal, regional and municipal authorities, judicial practices, international treaties, draft acts of authorities, forms (accounting, tax, statistical reports, forms, standard contracts).
  • SPS GARANT: analytics – analytical documents of EPS Garant System: books, media materials, author’s consultations and scientific publications on the problems of legal theory, taxation, accounting and financial audit.
  • IPS Adilet – regulatory legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Patents of the USSR, RF, CIS – patents in Russian and foreign languages.
  • IEEE – provides search of borrowings on the database of journals and conference materials of the international engineering association IEEE.
  • Translated Borrowings – allows you to search for borrowings obtained by translating texts from the original language from the collections of Internet Plus, eLIBRARY.RU, IEEE journals and conference proceedings.
  • Paraphrasing – allows to find borrowings from sources of Internet Plus collections, eLIBRARY.RU, GARANT: analytics, IEEE journals and conference materials taking into account replacement of words by synonyms, insertion/deletion of words, change of word forms, rearrangement of sentence parts. Found text fragments are labelled as matches and included in the report as a percentage of matches.
  • Citation – marks correctly formatted quotations in the text.
  • Template phrases – automatically detects the presence of template phrases in the checked document: names of universities, introductory words, etc. Template phrases will be entered into the “Citation” indicator.
  • Bibliography – automatically detects and highlights the bibliography (list of references) regardless of the language and style of design. The reference list will be taken into account in the “Citation” indicator.

Contracts have been concluded with all content providers on the use of documents for search in the Anti-Plagiarism system.